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Day 3 - Wisconsin and Eagan [Minneapolis], MN - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Day 3 - Wisconsin and Eagan [Minneapolis], MN [Aug. 9th, 2004|10:00 pm]
Trip Odometer: 1008 mi
44°47’N, 93°12’W

Got woken up earlier than we expected/wanted this morning because someone decided to start repairing the fence out behind Megin’s apartment, and they had a buzzsaw or some such going. As it was, Megin had already left to go to work, so we cleaned up and got out relatively quickly. Thankfully, the car was still there and unmolested (probably for the reason suggested by balter in the last post).

Today was supposed to be the longest driving day, and most of it was through Wisconsin. Initially thinking it was a pretty boring state – we stopped at the tourist info center right across the border and picked out a vineyard that wasn’t too much of a detour off our route to visit, since we though that’d be fun. When we finally got there we had been detoured at least twice and probably close to 15 miles out of our way, but we got to do a wine tasting and the wine was, indeed, really tasty. We got a few bottles to enjoy over the next few nights.

As we continued driving we started passing a lot (though fewer than we expected) of cows. This isn’t surprising, given that Wisconsin is really big on the dairy products, but when we stopped for lunch we were amused to find that the town we stopped in had a – well, erm, there’s not delicate way to put this -- cow chip festival. That’s right, they have a big party at the end of August where they have events like a cow chip toss and a special cow chip breakfast. I’ll let you work out the details for yourself. It seems that Wisconsin likes to refer to itself as the Cow Center of the Universe or something.

In any case, we had lunch at a places called Culvers which seems to be a regional fast food place which specializes in ButterBurgers. They were tasty, but it was unclear what made them ButterBurgers (they appeared to be made out of meat to me).

Afterwards we continued on to Forest’s house and took a brief detour at a cheese factory where we added to our supply of postcards as well as to our cooler (cheese dogs are in our future I sense!).

Finally after a long day of driving and a decent amount of construction we got to Forest’s house. Apparently both duckmonster and I missed the Mississippi river as we drove over it – its pretty small this far north. Somewhat disappointing, but atleast we got a good dinner of Chinese food and some very very tasty chocolate cake.

Of course, this is the last bit of Civilization for a while (if Minneapolis counts), and we got both Wireless access and a bed. Definitely a good thing, and the last bit of either until at least Salt Lake City.