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Day 2 - Chicago, IL - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Day 2 - Chicago, IL [Aug. 8th, 2004|11:44 pm]
Trip Odometer: 555 mi
41°55'N 87°42'W

So, not only does everyone at that camp go to bed early, they also all wake up at like 6am. By the time duckmonster and I stumbled out of the tent at 8 am, 2 of the sites that had been packed full the night before were GONE

The drive to Megin’s was pretty uneventful. We did get to see a Goldfish Mobile (think the Oscar Meyer Weiner-Mobile, but instead in the shape of a bright yellow goldfish wearing sunglasses). I will say this though – the view you get of the Chicago skyline coming up 90 into the city is really nice. I sort of wish I could have driven and snapped some pictures at the same time, but even if duckmonster was to take them, they’d still be from inside a car, so…

Arriving at Megin’s we had to wait for a bit because muffinsicon and her were still coming back for breakfast. It was… exciting… because while Megin isn’t in a bad neightborhood by any means, it isn’t what I’d call a crime-free area. I hope when I go out to my car this morning its still there and undamaged (I don’t think I saw a single car on this block without some form of body damage). Then again, that could be related to the crazy drivers that Chicago has. Apparently you’re supposed to cut over into adjacent lanes without ever checking your blind spot.

Megin’s apartment is decent size and pretty nice. It’s almost a 2 bedroom except one of the bedrooms lacks a door so apparently it is a 1-bedroom with an extra room instead. Within a few minutes of our arrival though muffinsicon noticed his flight was 2 hours earlier than he thought, and I had to rush him to the nearest L stop. In the end, he didn’t make his flight by about a minute, but managed (from what I understand) to get on a later one.

After that, Megin, duckmonster and I got on the L and went into downtown. I do like Chicago’s public transit system – though it’s a little bit old and not as upscale as, say, the DC Metro, the L is fast and frequent – even on a Sunday. We walked thorugh Millennium Park a bit, which is the big new development in down town.

In the park they have a new bandshell (which one of Megin’s friends refers to as “The Fully Operational Death Star” – you have to see it to understand). They also have 2 other nifty sculptures of note. One is this gigantic silver jellybean, which has really well-polished surfaces so its like a hugely warped mirror. Very cool to look at. There’s also a public fountain/wading pool which is centered around two very tall (30’ or so) brick towers. One side of each of the towers is entirely and LED screen, and there’s pictures of faces being shown. Every so often, the faces decide to “spit” on the waiting people in the pool, so you get all the children standing in front of this sculpture chanting “Open up! Open up!” until it – spits on them. Afterwards, the LED sign side gets flushed with water briefly, and the cycle repeats.

We also walked down to the end of a pier on Lake Michigan – its pretty big lake, then walked back by another large fountain, and took the L back to a tasty Italian restraunt, and walked back to Megin’s apartment.

Got to bed early – was necessary after all the walking and the long drive tomorrow.

[User Picture]From: balter
2004-08-10 04:45 am (UTC)

Megin's block

Last thanksgiving I was home visiting my family in Wisconsin and drove down to Chicago one night to see Megin. Justine, my girlfriend, was along and her uncle who lives in Wisconsin said we could borrow his car. Justine failed to tell me that he is car nut with a bit too much money on his hands. He use to have a Farari, and he currently has a little Lexus 2 seater convertible (SC 430, I think -- great navigation system), an odd Lamborghini truck (only 10 in the US), an early 90s BWM 700 series (in great shape though), and a new SUV for getting around town and dealing with the snow.

So I found myself driving up to my parents little town of 6000 people, where everyone owns american cars, in a big BWM. I was a little worried about parking it on Megin's street, but actually its probably safer there with the drug dealers right across the road. The last thing they want is the cops coming to the area to deal with a stolen car.
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[User Picture]From: balter
2004-08-10 04:47 am (UTC)


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From: yaello
2004-08-15 08:43 pm (UTC)
holy crap! you were in chicago like a day before me!
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