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Day 1 - Cleveland, OH and Pokagon State Park, IN - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Day 1 - Cleveland, OH and Pokagon State Park, IN [Aug. 7th, 2004|11:30 pm]
Trip Odometer: 379 mi
41°42'N 85°1'W

Started out a bit late this morning due to last minute unanticipated cleanups of my apartment. Forgot how long clearing the refrigerator could take, and found a windowsill we missed yesterday. All in all, not so bad because I only got to the UC circle about 20 minutes later than expected.

When we got there, deathb told me my treads were worn, Jim agreed, and Fred disagreed (using the penny-head test). The outside edge of the tire looks like it might be a little worn, but somehow I don’t think I’ll be seeing steel before Mountain View, as deathb suggested – but something to watch for I suppose. (The tires are less than 20k miles old)

When we got to Cleveland we stopped in AES and I looked at the Kenwood D7A and finally decided it was just too big. I mean, the radio itself was a fine size but the batteries were gigantic, and I couldn’t see it staying on a belt clip. I did buy an Icom T7H and a spare battery, I’ll worry about the shell and another battery later when I can try for a slightly better price.

Went to Tommy’s – a vegetarian focused restaurant (but not limited to vegetarian foods by any means!) -- which once again had good milkshakes but our waitress forgot about us (or left) before we got our bill. So we got stuck for about a half hour waiting for the bill – this was poor because I didn’t know if Pokagon was a state park that closed at Sunset or not (it isn’t).

Took a quick tour of Max’s backs. Felt bad about pulling duckmonster out as quickly as I did, but I wanted to hit the road to be sure to make it to the camp site on time (it was another 3 hours away).

We arrived at Pokagon, set up the tent and spent some time rearranging the car which wasn’t packed very effectively (for example, my 900mhz phone and DSL modem were at the top of the back). Then we decided to go to a supermarket and take care of some last minute purchases. Came back and had chicken and snap peas for dinner. Mostly I considered this first night a “practice night” because we needed to figure out that all the equipment was working and so on.

The park was pretty full – but somehow everyone else at the park save like 1 site was in bed before 9:30. Completely nuts. I like my lantern though.

Oh, right, speaking of time, Indiana is nuts because its still in EST, so the time change happened early for us.

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