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And They're Off! (Pittsburgh, PA) - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And They're Off! (Pittsburgh, PA) [Aug. 7th, 2004|01:22 am]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]

Trip Odometer: 0

So, right now I'm sitting alone in an apartment that is vacant except for some food, my laptop and dsl modem, and a sleeping pad. Yay! My stuff is gone, the apartment is cleaner than it was when I got here, and I'm about to go to sleep before the longest vacation ever :)

This week has been pretty busy, despite the fact that I found more than enough time to play lots and lots of Puzzle Pirates.

I went down to AAA to pick up my driving directions. Sadly they screwed them up in some fairly poor ways, including:

  • Not starting in pittsburgh

  • Not taking the pacific coastal highway from LA to Mountain View -- which was the only special routing request I made

  • Routing to the wrong side of the Grand Canyon

  • Routing to the wrong part of Bighorn Nat'l Forest (an error of about 200 miles or so)

  • Didn't route to specific addresses -- or even the correct general area -- and thus placing me in Downtown Minneapolis to get to a house in the subburb

Really, I think they need to have the ability to just print out the internet trip tiks -- or even just download them to a laptop so you don't need net access. I had the exact trip I wanted, but I couldn't easily print 200-250 pages or whatever it was going to be. If they had a way to just order it to be printed it'd save them the labor of having someone manually build the TripTik, and save me the pain of not getting something useful.

The next day the movers came. It was absolutely amazing. I didn't have to do anything the entire day except answer the occasional question. Far smoother than I expected it to go. I guess I'll find out how smooth it actually went when my items arrive on the other end. Heh. Mostly I sat in the corner and played Puzzle Pirates.

Today I mostly cleaned the apartment. The carpent cleaners showed up (I'm required to get them cleaned profesionally), and duckmonster and techmouse were a huge help in cleaning out the kitchen and living room/dining room areas, while I took care of the bathroom and bedroom. Then I redistributed the wealth (mostly some furniture, vacuums, misc cleaning supplies and some alcohol) to them and a few others who helped with transporting the goods.

Early tomorrow I just have to pack up/throw out the tiny bit that is left, then wipe down the refrigerator and return the keys.

Tonight, in celebration of blk's birthday, there was a lot of fondue at The Melting Pot. Very expensive, but also very very tasty. I'd never had meat fondue before and it was quite good. Dinner also lasted 4 hours or so and was very relaxing in general. The waitstaff really impressed me and I'd totally recommend it for anyone with $70 or so to blow on dinner (including drinks).

My plans are currently to try to post to the livejournal when I can about the trip, and backdate articles when I can't, so that I'll have some sort of record of all the many places I'm going. Tomorrow the journey starts with a bunch of people following us to Cleveland for AES, Tommy's (very good milkshakes), and Max's Backs (the most awesome used books store ever). Then it's on to Pokagon State Park, IN, for the first night where we find out what we forgot in the way of camping gear...