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Moved! [May. 24th, 2007|10:26 pm]
Moving has gone really smoothly so far. With the exception of a bit of confusion about appointment times to get the old apartment cleaned (yes, yes, I'm a lazy bum), I'm basically entirely out and I'll be handing the keys over tomorrow.

Moving into the new place has also been going pretty well. I'm out of boxes for most of the essentials, and I started working on getting the computers back up today. Due to various incompatibilities between all the wireless devices I have, I'm going to need to run two wireless networks -- one for a bridge to get from my office (and the dsl modem) to the living room (and the tivo, xbox, and airport/stereo), and one to work with random laptops that show up (using the airport). That's all tested and working, as soon as speakeasy finishes the install. In the meantime, I have GoogleWifi working in my kitchen and bedroom, so I'm not suffering from withdrawal yet.

The comcast install was as moronic as you'd expect a cablecard install to be (me doing all the work with the tivo while the guy stands around waiting for his central office to do something). But, the guy was pretty good at diagnosing the bizarre wiring inside the condo to get me a second tv working in my bedroom. Apparently, whoever wired the place decided it would be a good idea to run a cable between a wall outlet in the bedroom and a wall outlet in the living room, but _not_ connect them inside the wall. So now I have a splitter that splits from a line that comes in from the outside, to my tivo and to a different wall outlet, which goes upstairs.

I won't be fully out of boxes until after I get back from the outer banks (and possibly not for a while after that). This is mostly to be expected. I'm also taking the opportunity as I unpack to try to find things to get rid of, so far I've filled at least two boxes of stuff that I probably shouldn't have moved in the first place (to be fair, though, one box was half filled with a microwave that the old owner left here)

I also need to finish up deciding what to do with my furniture, I need at least 1 new rolling office chair, and I think i'm going to get rid of the "entertainment center" that used to be in my bedroom (way back in the day -- when I was living on fifth ave -- it was in my living room, before the projection TV arrived). Though, I'm still not totally satisfied with how my bedroom looks.

From: mdenton
2007-05-26 08:41 am (UTC)

I'm not sure what is up with poor wiring

My sister had a 25 conductor wire run between every telephone jack in her house, which they'd just cut, tied in a knot, (without actually hooking to the jack,) and then run onto the next one. So, to get the phone jack in her bedroom working, I had to go find every phone jack in her place and connect the conductors I'd decided to use for the phone line together...

And: Comcast has less customer satisfaction than the IRS.
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