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Apartment Hunting - Day 3 - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Apartment Hunting - Day 3 [Jul. 12th, 2004|12:28 am]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |random San Jose raido show]

Posted from PDT, timestamp in EDT

I suppose I'm not apartment hunting any more, but I'll keep the subject for the rest of the trip I guess.

Today I took the day off and putzed around the hotel in the morning. The hotel has a fairly decent [continental] breakfast. There was also apparently some group of 12-15 girls (probably 2-3 years younger than I) staying in the hotel who all were having some sort of slumber party. Maybe it was a sorority trip or a bridal party or something, I dunno, but it amused me somewhat.

Then I drove into Palo Alto to meet muppetaphrodite for lunch. We walked from her apartment to downtown Palo Alto and ate at a pretty decent indian place (buffet lunch). They had two types of chicken curry which were both very tasty. I think the chick peas could have been cooked longer -- but I'm probably just used to Sree.

After lunch, I went into San Francisco and took a bay cruise (all the Alcatraz tours were sold out -- until thursday). I was very happy I remembered my SCS alumni windbreaker -- and even happier when I found I had left the buggy hat in it. I was able to stay out on the front of the boat the whole time and I got some pictures, I'll have to see how they come out (they'll be posted on coed of course...)

I also walked around Pier 39 for a while, and went to the aquarium. It was pretty small for the price, but they did have a very cool tank which was basically a bit of the bay transplanted, and they walked you through (well, walked or people-moved) underneath it.

Picked up some chocolate, than drove back to my hotel.

Oh -- does anyone understand how to interpret parking restrictions in San Francisco? I thought most of them didn't apply on Sunday. But I managed to find two spots which had conflicting information on the signs (no parking for limited hours m/w/f for sweeping -- no other notes), meters (enforced 7am-7pm everyday), and the curb (no parking anytime). HUH?

I'm hoping I've now fulfilled all my touristy urges for the first few months of living here :)

[User Picture]From: krchicken
2004-07-12 06:27 pm (UTC)
the tank at the aquarium is the best part. the sea lions are free too...

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