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Comcast, Tivo, Death By Content - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Comcast, Tivo, Death By Content [Oct. 3rd, 2006|02:37 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

So, with the advent of the Tivo Series 3, I'm finally willing to invest in getting cable into my house, since it means I have a chance of being able to watch programs that I want to see and still make use of my TV, etc...

So, I ordered the tivo and it arrived on saturday. I also ordered cable when the tivo shipped. When the tivo arrived, I had to rewrite the firmware of my router so it could download the program schedule, but otherwise everything was fine -- I could watch one channel -- over the air digital fox (2-1). No analog channels came through reasonably. This needed to be fixed, so I got comcast to do the install on Sunday.

They forgot to bring the cable cards. So, I got basic and extended cable (about 80 channels) and they said they'd be back today between 8 and 10 (which I confirmed with customer service).

Apparently, someone screwed up, because they forgot to show up. I called comcast and they said to expect a call back in 30 minutes. No call. So I called them, and they said expect a call in 15. No call. So I called them again (each of these calls costing me about 15 minutes in hold & explain the problem time). Guess what? No call. So I called them *again*, and asked that they do something now, and they said that a "manager" would call me in 15 minutes. Naturally, no call. I call them again, and spend 20 minutes explaining the problem again, and they finally talk directly with the guy who is supposed to call me (he has finally tried -- and got a busy signal). They do manage to tell me the tech is dispatched and will be here in 30 minutes.

The tech actually arrives. He gives me the cable cards and has me do the actual install. Then we sit in my living room for about an hour waiting for the comcast dispatcher to successfully ping the cards so that they can decode cable. Not terribly exciting, and the UI that TiVo offers for this process isn't really the best (though it may not be their fault). In any case, about 3-4 attempts later, both cards are successfully written, and the guy leaves.

By the time they were done, it was so late that I'm just going to play hookie now.

I now have about 600 channels (if you count the ~100 music channels). Its gross. Its unlikely the TiVo will be able to keep up even with 2 tuners. I know I won't.

From: bucy
2006-10-03 11:38 pm (UTC)

I've been trying to deal with directv and their attitude is about the same as comcast's: "You don't have any choice but to do business with us." I am (perhaps naively) hopeful that att rolling out iptv will make this sector a little more competitive.
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