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First Bay Tour [Aug. 5th, 2006|05:44 pm]
I had been planning to fly down to see the Monterey Aquarium with a few folks, there were complications due to weather (Monterey was about at my limits for feeling comfortable, and there was a slight possibility a low stratus layer would strand us/the plane there) and traffic (other folks not being able to get to the south bay in time to make the trip worth it), so instead I took the opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for a while: a bay tour.

This is a fun flight, because you fly right through the San Francisco Class B airspace, which is more tightly controlled and very busy. For this reason, I really wanted to do it solo before offering to take anyone with me. It was also a somewhat windy day so the first part of the ride was pretty bumpy.

Ironically, when I got back to Palo Alto, as far as I could tell it was busier than SFO (I was #6 to land or so, and there were 6 planes behind me when I landed-- the controller was doing a phenomenal job), and there were some pretty gusty crosswinds which made landing a fun challenge.

Since I was both flying the plane and taking the pictures, the pictures suffered some in terms of composition (and I didn't really like either of the ones I got of the Golden Gate Bridge), but I'll have them up at the usual place sometime later today.

First Bay Tour