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Flew to Cameron Park airport today. If you don't know where that is,… - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 15th, 2006|09:40 pm]
Flew to Cameron Park airport today. If you don't know where that is, its here.

There are at least two interesting things about the airport. The approach to runway 31 (which was what the wind favored) is over a 300-400' high hill, so you need to come in very very steep (about 2x normal). There's also a huge portion of the runway that isn't usable for landing from the south (all the arrows in the photo). So its a bit exciting.

The other weird thing is the amusing taxiways off the left side of the runway. Yes, that's where the people who live in those houses drive their planes when they get home. And then they park them in their garages. I saw one come in and land, and use a garage door opener to open the gate to the neighborhood.

When I landed, someone was *right* behind me though, so I pulled off to the left and then waited for him to land, and we both taxied back on the runway (yup, no parallel taxiway on the north end). We also got the last two parking spots. I don't know what the next few planes did while I was eating at the Mexican place across the street.

Anyway, I had a good time out there today, and got to practice being more exact on hitting checkpoints, as well as do some extra landings at Byron. I would have done more, but Byron was overrun with skydivers and it wasn't terribly comfortable to be in the pattern there for long periods of time.

Back at Palo Alto, I got out my chair and watched planes land and take off for a little while on the bike path between the runway and the bay. Is that a weird thing to do?

In other news, I made tasty steak for dinner, and now I'm watching Rose Red (yes, again). Also, krchicken is back here tomorrow! I knew you east-coasters couldn't keep her forever!