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Busy Weekend [Jul. 9th, 2006|05:22 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Did a lot of stuff this weekend, starting with Tied House and Minigolf friday night at Golfland on El Camino. It's actually a pretty slick setup -- and they have two courses. Got 2 holes-in-1 and a few holes-in-1-in-more-than-one (where you miss the "hole in one" target so bad that you essentially need to tee up again). hyperzot actually managed to get a ball stuck at the top of a ramp, which was amusing. We'll need to try the other course some time.

On Saturday I went flying with a friend of mine who is thinking of becoming a pilot. Down the coast over Santa Cruz to Watsonville for Mexican food, then back over the valley to see Casa De Fruita from the air, and finally back up to the north for a landing a Palo Alto. At Watsonville, a Learjet landed in front of us, and then my landing was way, way higher than I would have liked (touched down around the 1/3-1/2 mark on the [granted, very long, with plenty of distance to spare] runway). I tried the landing again later before we departed and I think I was thrown off by the way the ground sloped on the approach end of the runway, which is good to look out for in the future I suppose. Anyway, the landing was long, but there was definately no wake turbulance problems from the Learjet because of it...

Anyway, she had a good time, which is excellent, I hope she has success with the lessons when she decides to start them.

That evening went to see nedendstreet who was in town for a bit at gilt's place, along with ekorber and hyperzot. Had an excellent time wandering around the Castro then getting some Indian food. On the way back on BART (to Millbrae, where our car was, which beats driving and parking in the city by a LOT), we met someone who works at Games of Berkeley who got into a conversation with us about, first, which taxpayers were being screwed by the existence of both Muni and BART, and then about how he's putting the entire Games of Berkley inventory into Google Base. Truly bizarre conversation.

Today, there was brunch with a bunch of people, which was fun as always. I baked cinnamon honey bread for french toast, and there was sangria which was tasty.