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All your Lassi are Bhang to us. - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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All your Lassi are Bhang to us. [Oct. 30th, 2005|01:55 am]
Went out to dinner tonight, then to 2 bars (all in the same hotel). Expats have a somewhat bizarre culture all their own -- you can see it really clearly when you go to these hotel bars I think.

We went back to "Dublin" (one of the bars in the hotel) which was somewhat of a mistake. I failed to explain in my previous post just how awful the singer/dancers were. Plus they came with a keyboardist that I hadn't seen last time. Not that the keyboardist actually played anything mind you, he was just there to change the MIDI tracks that the keyboard was outputting. Tonight was also "Saturday Night Fever" night at the Dublin. It was also celebrating Oktoberfest. That's right, we were at an Oktoberfest Disco at an Irish Pub in India. Yeah.

The second bar was pretty good though, and had a decent guitarist and bassest singing some reasonable covers of a few songs before they closed down.

I also learned about Bhang Lassi today while I was reading the Lonely Planet guide. I was highly amused that "special brownies" had an Indian equivilent. Some of my co-expats tried to get the driver to tell us where we could find some, he laughed and refused to admit he knew what they were...

In other news, I just realized that a web site I made back in 1995 for a school project on was still around. It turned 10 years old this month. Thats frightening. Actually, the site itself is pretty frightening (search Google for [1995 ]. Its the first hit).