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Today was pretty amusing. We went to the Charminar, which is sort of… - stalkingmsd@gmail.com [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 23rd, 2005|01:43 am]
Today was pretty amusing. We went to the Charminar, which is sort of Hyderabad's version of the Arc de Triumph, except with 4 pillars instead of 2, and the fact that it's not commissioned by Napolean for a war. We got some good views of the surrounding bazzars and a virtual sea of autorickshaws.

While we were up there we ran into a class of about 100 4th-grade-equivilents. They apparently thought we were some sort of major western celeberities, because they *all* wanted to shake our hand multiple times. It was rather absurdly cute, and very amusing (no, we weren't pickpocketed at the same time).

Sadly, my camera battery was dead so there are no pictures yet (the people who were with me have pictures though, I'll try to find them eventually).

Afterwards we wandered around the bazzar and bought some things. We also haggled for far longer than was necessary for far less than it was worth (for example, we shaved about $1 off of a $7 item that would have cost $20 in the states after about 10-15 minutes). Apparently haggling is expected though, so its impolite not to or something (according to the expats who were with us and speaking Hindi on our behalf).

Afterwards we called our driver who couldn't understand where we were and we waited for about 90 minutes. That's about the worst driver experience I've had though -- the rest have been really easy and conveinent to deal with. It also makes it possible to go out drinking.

And tonight we went out drinking. First to a pub called "Dublin" in the basement of one of the very-western hotels. It wasn't at all like a pub in Dublin (according to those in our group who were actually from Dublin), but we had a reasonable time. There was a pretty decent DJ and a pretty awful pair of dancer/singers. The place closed at 11 though so we headed over to "The 6th Element" which is a *very* nice club with lots of inexpensive beer, and did some dancing. All in all, a pretty fun night.

Also, way too many people out here are married. :)

From: rowley01
2005-10-25 03:20 am (UTC)
>Also, way too many people out here are married. :)

If I didn't know better, I would have gathered you went and did something stupid. ;)
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[User Picture]From: stalkingmsd
2005-10-25 03:32 am (UTC)
Nothing stupid was done. Just an observation.
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