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Lunar Gala [Feb. 11th, 2005|10:29 pm]
First day of real lunar gala work was today (lots and lots of pictures will be posted to the regular place once I get a chance).

It looks pretty good. It was odd being totally uninvolved in any run crew capacity for the first time since freshman year, but you have to pass the torch eventually :) It did give me a chance to get a ton of rehearsal (and tomorrow, show) photos.

Stats: I've now worked on 7 of 8 Lunar Galas, 6 times on run crew and 4 times designing it. I'll miss it when I finally can't come back for some reason.

I'm also amused that during most of the rehearsals for Lunar Gala I've found myself at some point during the rehearsal thinking, "...when we set this up yesterday... wait, no, that was just 16 hours ago this morning"