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Xbox Live... [Dec. 13th, 2004|09:08 am]
So, I'm curious why I can have a wireless hand controller, but not a wireless headset for Xbox live. That and the wire that the headsets do ship with assumes that it can plug into a Xbox communicator (the dongle that allows you to attach the headset to the Xbox) that is plugged into on the controller right in front of you -- the cable is about 4 feet long. Of course, the wireless controllers don't take dongles, their receivers do (halfway across the room)....

This is more than a little depressing.

(Well, truth be told, there is this Logitech product, but its obscenely priced and, more importantly, not released).

That said, the lag in these games is (almost) nonexistent. Of course, the last time I did any *serious* online non-turn-based gaming was back in the days when Kali (wow, that's still around?) was a DOS-based TSR and 14.4kbps modems were fast.

[User Picture]From: alazrael
2004-12-13 09:46 pm (UTC)
I <3 Xbox Live. I'm looking forward to playing even more online Halo 2 once I move and don't have local friends clamoring to come over and play for a while.

BTW, I'm "Fightwicky" on Live.
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