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Photo rearrangements [Oct. 27th, 2004|12:23 am]
[mood |artistic]

In preparation for my parents showing up next weekend, I played around getting the computer in my living room hooked up with all the pictures from my trip and a slideshow program (For now, I'm planning on using picassa). Despite the fact that there seems to be a problem in my home network (transfers are at 40kbps and below on the wired lan), the solution seems to work pretty well.

While doing this I found some 1+ year old tech photos I never got around to uploading because the upload interface to the usual website was lacking at the time. A few months ago, Adam added a new way to upload to it and it no longer sucked quite as bad. So now you can see a few pictures from Orientation 2003 and my trip to the outer banks.

Blue Man Group makes decent slideshow music. Espeically in 5.1.